Pioneering spirit, knowledge, and a lot of passion

Ute and Johann Zimmermann have been working with natural plastics for many years, which are intended to help protect our environment and thus us humans from an increasingly uncontrollable flood of plastic. So, they founded the company NaKu in 2007.

NaKu is the plastic-free alternative to conventional plastics.
All products are natural, sustainable, and compostable.


Advantages of natural plastics:

  • NaKu is free of harmful substances and free of genetic engineering
  • NaKu has lower CO2 emissions
  • NaKu protects oil resources worldwide
  • NaKu is recyclable
  • NaKu is compostable
  • NaKu is biodegradable, there are no microplastics
  • NaKu bags keep food fresh for longer
  • NaKu bags can be used universally and frequently


Bioplastics can be produced from various renewable raw materials. NaKu uses a starch compound made from corn for its fresh-keeping bags. For the NaKu bottles, for example, a starch-based lactic acid is used (PLA).

NaKu products made from natural plastics meet two basic requirements at the same time: On the one hand, the raw materials are renewable. On the other hand, they are completely biodegradable.

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"We make it possible to combine nature with technology. We see this principle as the fundamental basis for our work on our NaKu products. We are thus proving that plastics can also be produced biologically and used sustainably."