"Everything, what is against nature, will not last for long.”

Charles Darwin, physician, natural scientist, philosopher (1809 – 1882)


Over the past few years, we have tried to find alternatives to mass-produced, or industrially produced foods. Our demands were on regionality, the highest handmade quality, organic sustainability, natural ingredients and plastic-free or at least low-plastic packaging. In doing so, we repeatedly came up against our limits, since there are many amazing manufactories and products, but they had to be found with difficulty. The next problem is you must order individually from each small manufactory. On the one hand, this affects the shipping costs and resources, on the other hand, it has a negative effect on the CO2 balance. For this reason, we decided to found Handmade by Nature.


We set ourselves the following goals:

+ Strengthening of small businesses and farmers to make their products available to the largest possible group of customers in an uncomplicated way

+ Fair treatment of farmers and small business owners so that their manual work really pays off

+ Quality not quantity. The conscious purchase of sustainable products should be in the foreground

+ Revival and promotion of traditional handicrafts

+ Fair treatment of people, animals, and their environment

+ Bundling of Austrian quality products in one place

+ Limited environmental pollution through organic ingredients

+ The support of companies in using plastic-free alternatives as well as offering "zero waste” where possible

+ Quick and easy communication between customers and manufacturers to be able to respond instantly to their common needs

+ Offer the customers Austrian alternative products for everyday life as conveniently as possible, which are also produced sustainably and ecologically

+ Only plastic-free shipping packaging and CO2-neutral shipping throughout Austria


In our blog we also give many useful tips and information about a more sustainable lifestyle

"We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails"


Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384 - 322 BC)