Moik vines from Straden

The many small vineyards of Wein Manufaktur Moik are in Straden, the heart of the Styrian volcanic region. There they cultivate elegant wines on steep hills. The focus is on low yields and selective hand-picking, as well as gentle grape processing and minimal impact on your wine. This is pure craftsmanship, unique year after year.

The beauty and purity of our nature is particularly important to our company. 

Moik-Weine has been an officially recognized organic company since 2022.

The vines grow on soils that are characterized by shell limestone and sandstone, an optimal requirement for powerful white wines, which forms the centre of our business. They are aged until they are bottled with only a very small amount of sulphur. This has been the traditional way of making wine for hundreds of years.

Spontaneous fermentation is also used here. It’s a method that is thousands of years old. The company completely dispenses with the addition of pure cultured yeast. The wines ferment solely with the yeasts from their own vineyard. So, with the grape, you are harvesting the yeasts that are responsible for converting fructose into alcohol.

In the manufacturing process "Cross-flow filtration "is used. The flow speed pushes the wine through small "filtration holes" and so frees it from turbidity. This filtration takes place without filter aids.


We would therefore like to emphasize that these organic wines are purely vegan.


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A first-class wine or sparkling wine promises to turn a brief moment into an unforgettable experience. Our greatest motivation is to produce excellent quality from our ideas of a tasteful wine.


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