Maki´s beeswax cloths 

This small but passionate one-hit-wonder manufactory produces beeswax cloths and beeswax bags independently and lovingly by hand. They are made from 100% cotton and 100% pure beeswax.

These little everyday wonders are reusable, compostable, and universally applicable. They are the ideal replacement product for aluminium and cling film and protect food like a second skin thanks to the antibacterial properties of beeswax.

You can wrap fresh or cut fruit, vegetables, or cheese in it and put it in the fridge (the fridge no longer smells like onions, apples or cheese).

Maki's beeswax towels and beeswax bags are also ideal for on the go. Simply wrap a sandwich in it and take it to school, work or an excursion. The beeswax bags are also ideal for storing bread and vegetables 

A real all-round talent

Warm hands make the beeswax towels and bags supple and flexible, making them particularly easy to shape.

You can not only wrap the food with them, but you can also use them to cover bowls or pots.

They nestle against any container. If a spread, sour cream, or whipped cream is open, simply cover it with a beeswax cloth.


All beeswax products are sustainably and environmentally friendly, produced in the small factory and painted by hand. Each piece is therefore unique and sometimes only available once.

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"When I do something, I do it with all my heart."