Sustainability and waste avoidance are topics that Adriana has been dealing with since her school days.

Especially at Christmas time, she was always bothered by the huge amounts of packaging waste after the presents were given. So, she developed the idea of ​​sewing beautiful, environmentally friendly packaging out of cotton.

Colourful fabrics that can be reused every year.

 At Christmas 2019, Adriana's family only gave presents that were wrapped in her beautiful cloth bags. None of this had to be disposed of afterwards. The bags were simply put away and kept for the next year. But why only at Christmas? Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays - the bags are now used for all kinds of occasions.

In the meantime, Adriana has become self-employed and spends 
almost every free minute sewing new bags.

The thought that there will be less rubbish under many Christmas trees in the future drives her on and makes her happy.

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"In many areas of my life I am already working on a sustainable lifestyle to do my part to protect our planet. I have been growing my own vegetables for years, mostly buying unpackaged groceries and using all materials as long as possible. Sometimes, however, it's not easy to find sustainable alternatives. That's why I'm happy to contribute to more sustainability with my gift bags. The joy of offering gifts is no longer clouded by a huge amount of paper waste. 

That's the reason why I've been running my little sewing shop for a few years now.”