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Floria Natural manufactures Austrian high-quality natural care products by hand.

 Naturally. High-quality. Consistent.

 All Floria Natural products are of the highest organic quality and contain only natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. They are then filled into brown glass bottles to preserve their quality for a very long time.

Floria Natural is a family business that wants to share their passion for natural fragrances and pure care products with as many people as possible.

The natural organic oils from Flora Natural not only care for the skin. They also protect the environment, are produced regionally, and smell amazingly natural.

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Floria natural 

"We attach great importance to fair trade and appreciative working conditions and maintain personal contact with our suppliers. My mother and I have been friends of gentle healing methods for a very long time. From an early age I was able to experience the comprehensive and lasting effects of most natural healing methods."