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Dr. Banfai’s natural soaps are still hand-stirred in a gentle cold-stirring process. 
This is a very old craft technique that has been used thousands of years ago.

The soaps are then cut by hand, refined with stamp printing, and stored to mature for a few weeks.At the end of this maturing period, you get a mild and moisturizing soap for the skin.

Hand-stirred soaps are ideal for everyday skin care, as the saponification process creates the natural glycerin in the soap, which has a moisturizing and caring effect at the same time.

Alkaline natural soaps support the cell renewal of an acidic skin, stimulate cell metabolism and, with regular use, are a shower and body care product in one. So, you save yourself the body lotion afterwards.

The natural soaps are recyclable and can be completely used up.

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High-quality food-grade raw materials are used. These are organic olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and also organic herbal teas. Natural essential oils are used as well, e.g., Tyrolean organic stone pine oil, genuine French organic lavender oil or organic rose geranium oil.

Dr Banfai has specialized in vegan soap products. Their basis are pure vegetable oils of best quality.There is also the popular honey -sheep's milk soap. It contains Styrian organic honey and fresh Styrian sheep's milk.

Each type of soap is tested and safety-rated according to the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

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