The Herbmanufactory 

Purely biological raw material production in permaculture

In the herb manufactory everything is produced in a harmoniously closed natural cycle, from the production of humus and our own sheep fertilizer to the cultivation with our own seeds from the previous year.

Sigrid doesn’t use chemical sprays. She grows in mixed cultures and relies on natural symbioses. This creates enough opportunities for the reproduction of beneficial insects such as birds, ladybugs, ear slippers and other insects.

All herbal plants used in the herb factory are grown from organic seeds and grow in our own herb garden. This is essential for Sigrid because she is passionate about her craft.

The harvest only takes place in the late morning and when the sun is shining. At this point, the plants and flowers contain the most essential oils and other active ingredients. They are handpicked and gently dried immediately afterwards. They are then mixed into mother tinctures or used for cold oil extracts.

Propolis and honey are also from our own production. The beehives are of course in our own garden.

Two beautiful orange trees were grown from their own cores, which are now more than 12 years old. There are also 2 kaffir lime trees that are outdoors from spring to autumn. They are also treated without chemical sprays. So, the leaves of the orange trees can be used for tea or as a bath additive for babies and children.

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"All our herbal plants are grown from organic seeds and grow exclusively in our own garden. Our quality products are treated with the greatest care and by hand. They are cultivated and harvested without motorized equipment. There are also no residues of motor oil, fuel, or other harmful substances.

I guarantee that with my name."